Stag’s Hollow started with an existing 10 acre vineyard in 1992 just south of Okanagan Falls. The winery was later constructed in 1995 after the first official crush. Beginnings were humble, with a small winery built under the wineshop and home. Initial plans were to keep things simple, producing 1500 cases annually, concentrating on Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Vidal.  Over the first five years, expansion occurred due to demand and the good fortune of working with passionate growers with similar goals to grow quality fruit. Many of these first grower partners moved on to start successful wineries of their own and we found enthusiastic new partners.

In 2006,  the “Hollow”, part of the estate vineyard, was finally planted to Tempranillo. Tempranillo was chosen as the microclimate in the Hollow seemed to be similar to the growing region in Spain.  Tempranillo, ‘meaning early ripener’, in Spanish, thrives at higher elevations where the days are really hot but the nights are cool.

In 2008, owner Larry Gerelus handed the winemaking off to Dwight Sick, whose talents and passion have continued to create interesting, unique, and quality wines.

In 2011,  another 18 acres of raw land was purchased 2 kms north of the home vineyard.  Shuttleworth Creek Vineyard, named for the creek that runs through it, is home to exciting new varieties with their history from Spain and Italy.

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