Stag’s Hollow started with an existing 10 acre vineyard in 1992 just south of Okanagan Falls. The winery was later constructed in 1995 after the first official crush. Beginnings were humble, with a small winery built under the wineshop and home. Initial plans were to keep things simple, producing 1500 cases annually, concentrating on Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Vidal.  Over the first five years, expansion occurred due to demand and the good fortune of working with passionate growers with similar goals to grow quality fruit. In 2011,  another 18 acres of raw land was purchased 2 kms north of the home vineyard.  Shuttleworth Creek Vineyard, named for the creek that runs through it, is home to exciting new varieties with their history from Spain and Italy.  Stag’s Hollow now has an average annual production of 5000-6000 cases.

Our wine is made in the vineyard. Everything else happens to support the grape growing process, and to ensure that the quality of the grapes remains the star of each wine.

We do as little as possible to disrupt the integrity of the fruit as we help it evolve into wine. Our winery’s gravity flow design allows us to manipulate the grapes as little as possible prior to fermentation. Post-fermentation, we handle our wines as reductively as possible; limiting head space during storage, and using inert gas where possible to prevent unwanted oxygen exposure.

It is important that we do as little winemaking as possible so that we don’t cover up the beautiful fruit we get to work with. This means that we only fine and filter when absolutely necessary, and use little to no additives throughout the entire winemaking process. We want the purity of fruit to shine.

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