The Team

Laverne Andall

IMG_3578Laverne is most often found in the wineshop greeting guests and pouring wine. Always smiling and with an infectious laugh, most guests can’t help leaving with their own smile, a little wine knowledge and of course, a few bottles of wine!


Jennifer Page

Jennifer is our administrative assistant who spends most of her time at the computer helping Linda keep the business and accounting side of the winery running smoothly.  Once in a while you’ll see her appear briefly in the wineshop to help out with our guests when things get very busy, or even on the bottling line enjoying the winery camaraderie!


Vilem Blazek

sorting table

Vilem came to Stag’s Hollow from the Czech Republic in.  On a one year visit to Canada, Vilem fell in love with the Okanagan and decided to stay and is currently working on his permanent residency.  Vilem looks after the vineyards at both locations Stag’s Hollow and Shuttleworth Creek. You will find him mainly on the tractor in the field, with our seasonal vineyard team or on the crush pad during harvest!

Family Team


Tyler, our son,  started in the vineyard at the age of 1 in a picking bin!  Since that early start, he has helped with bottling, picking, vineyard work and any other miscellaneous jobs that Dwight or Josef do not want to do!  He is definitely working from the bottom up and on his way to learning all there is to know about the vineyard and winery.

Kula and Pinot

IMG_2775A winery is not a winery these days without a winery dog or two. Kula has been a greeter in the wineshop since 2002 and was the first poster boy for the BC Winery dog calendar! Pinot has grown  up in the wineshop from 8weeks old. Besides greeting guests, Kula and Pinot like to think they are fierce hunters, scaring birds, deer and marmots out of the vineyard when not working in the wineshop.