Shuttleworth Creek Vineyard


What it looked like in 2011


This land was selected recognizing that Pinot Noir was likely to be an excellent variety for its terroir. Located just 2 kms north of Stag’s Hollow’s home site, heat units, soil geology and air drainage were expected to deliver the quality that Okanagan Falls wineries have become known for, particularly for Pinot Noir.  Stepping out of the box, 2 well known Spanish varieties were planted –  Albarino and Tempranillo, and two not so well known Italian varieties –  Dolcetto and Teroldego, both up and coming in the Pacific Northwest. In each case the varieties were selected as we felt they would be very well suited to the site’s micro climate. We are very excited about the initial resulting wines made from the 2014 vintage.

This property is steeped in the history of Okanagan Falls. Okanagan Falls was cattle ranch country and this particular site was farmed as a hay field for 30 years and home to cattle for much of this time. Shuttleworth Creek runs along the east edge and cuts through the north side of the vineyard, hence the name given to the vineyard.

Two Years Later



                               Docetto cluster 2014   Picking Dolcetto-1



 Picking of first crop of Dolcetto