“One of the most distinctive landscapes in the Okanagan”

The Stag’s Hollow estate vineyard has a very unique and interesting geological history.  Kettles holes are glaciofluvial landforms occurring as a result of blocks of ice calving from the front of a receding glacier and becoming partially to wholly buried by glacial outwash. The Hollow remained after the ice age retreated.  Stony glacioluvial soils – otherwise known as gravel… left behind after this retreat, are ideal for growing grapes and creating wines with intensity. The Merlot and Pinot Noir blocks, now exceeding 30 years of age, are on the southwest facing slopes of the Hollow.  These two blocks pick up significant solar radiation that allows for consistent ripening even in difficult vintages. Without question, this phenomena has created one of the most distinctive landscapes in the Okanagan Valley.

Stags Hollow Winery  Stags Hollow Winery  Stags Hollow Winery