Stag’s Hollow

Established in 1995, Stag’s Hollow is a family-owned winery in Okanagan Falls, producing some of British Columbia’s highest quality, most distinctive wines. Nestled in the foothills of the South Okanagan, Stag’s Hollow includes two vineyards…the Estate Vineyard and Shuttleworth Creek Vineyard…. within 2 kms of each other. Both vineyards are also located in the second sub GI in British Columbia called Okanagan Falls.

Always innovative, with a spirit to be unique and push the limits of both grape growing and winemaking in the Okanagan, the team at Stag’s Hollow has researched and sought out grapes, both new and old, suited to the area soils and microclimate. These include Tempranillo and Albarino from Spain, and Dolcetto and Teroldago from Italy. These unique varietals offer a new experience for the Okanagan Wine lover. Although these grapes come from all over the world, wines we produce from these grapes are identifiable, as being from nowhere else in the world but from the Okanagan Valley.



2018 WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada

Stag’s Hollow picked up eight medals at the recent Wine Align National Wine Awards of Canada held in Penticton this year.  We are absolutely thrilled that our 2017 Albarino came away with a Platinum Medal!

Five Renaissance wines also won medals!

Renaissance wines are the best wines in our vintage and only produced if the quality is there.  2015 was an especially good year!
Gold – 2015 Renaissance Pinot Noir.  Gold  – 2015 Renaissance Merlot.  Silver – 2015 Renaissance Meritage.  Silver – 2015 Renaissance Grenache.  Bronze – 2015 Renaissance Syrah.

For a rundown on all of our recent medals, scroll down and click on our  Awards page.   

These results placed us 5th in the Top 10 Small Wineries in Canada and 13th in the Top 25 Wineries in Canada (out of 257 wineries entered!) at the National Wine Awards !

Come visit us in Okanagan Falls and let us show you our award winning wines

Medal winners                         Albarino 2017


To Our Wine Club Members 

A big thank you to those who attended our first pickup party!

We were so delighted to host a pickup party on June 17 for our wine club members.  Though there were many who could not make it due to prior commitments (it was Father’s Day!), the day turned out to be very enjoyable.  The sun was shining and everyone seemed to enjoy visiting, touring and drinking some wine!

Thank you for a wonderful day from the staff at Stag’s Hollow!

Anthony Gismondi: Okanagan Falls headed to be B.C.’s second sub-GI – Vancouver Sun March 30,2018

Stag’s Hollow Winery, Okanagan Falls, British Columbia

“Okanagan Valley will have a second sub-GI before the end of the year, and this time the moniker will have the added advantage of coming with the well-established, easy-to-find village name of Okanagan Falls.”

Read the full article from Anthony Gismondi at  Okanagan Falls GI .

Anthony Gismondi Wine Picks – Vancouver Sun – February 2, 2018

Stag’s Hollow Tempranillo Joven 2016, Okanagan Valley

“The Joven refers to young wines that get very little, if any, wood aging, and in most cases are expected to be drunk young. It’s pretty much what you get here: a young, juicy, fresh, fun red wine with little pretension featuring underripe raspberries and pomegranate that draw saliva with every sip. The Tempranillo is grown in Naramata at Ramuda Vineyard on a silty clay site, and at Stag’s Hollow Vineyard over gravels and coarse glacial till. Try it with some grilled chicken.”